Learning Objectives

NOTE: This course has been replaced with a new updated version. The new version of this course can be found here. This version will no longer be available after 10/31/2023. Please complete this course before then in order to receive the certificate for completing the course.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Utilize a variety of techniques for composing an executive dashboard
  • Create a dashboard that displays a mix of preset and custom widgets
  • Create custom revenue metrics from logs
  • Create a UX SLO from a synthetic browser test
  • Create a notebook with graphs, text, and links
  • Explain techniques and shortcuts that will increase your productivity in everyday Datadog tasks

Primary Audience

This intermediate level course is designed primarily for DevOps Engineers. Anyone who wants to create custom dashboards and notebooks will find this course useful.


The prerequisites for this course are the following:

Technical Requirements

In order to complete the course, you will need:

  • Google Chrome or Firefox

Course Navigation

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Course Enrollment Period

This course has been replaced with a new updated version. This course is closed to new enrollees. Please enroll in the new course.

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    1. About Storedog

    2. Lab: Instrument the Application

    1. About Executive Dashboards

    2. Lab: Executive Dashboards 1

    3. Lab: Executive Dashboards 2

    1. About Runbooks

    2. Lab: Runbooks

    1. Summary

    2. Feedback Survey

Datadog 201: Becoming a Power User

  • 2 hours to complete
  • 7 Lessons
  • Intermediate