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The video for this workshop was originally recorded for a live workshop that took place at Dash. If you want to see this topic as a fully-supported self-paced course, please fill out the feedback survey following the lab to submit your vote.


The complexity of modern applications and shared infrastructure creates challenges for developers, particularly when it comes to troubleshooting production outages quickly and consistently. Knowing what to look for—and where—can be difficult when you don’t have the right observability, especially when you are up against the clock.

By combining metrics, traces, and logs, you can improve observability and reduce the time to detection and resolution of operational incidents.

With the help of hands-on labs, this workshop will take you from beginner to expert in building observability with log data. You will learn best practices for log collection, processing, and retention, and then dive into scenarios that will help you analyze data from multiple sources with Datadog Log Management’s powerful search and analytics capabilities.

You will come away with proven strategies for building an organizational culture of efficient logging, optimizing for various use cases, and gaining richer insights into application behavior and user experiences.


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    1. Introduction

    2. Known bugs

    1. Video Lesson

    2. Lab: Using Log Management with Metrics and Traces

    3. Feedback

    1. Further Reading

    2. Slides

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  • 1 hour of video content
  • Estimated length: 3 hours