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The video for this workshop was originally recorded for a live workshop that took place at Dash. If you want to see this topic as a fully-supported self-paced course, please fill out the feedback survey following the lab to submit your vote.


Modern applications consist of a wide array of frontend applications, backend services, and dependencies deployed across hosts, containers, and serverless infrastructure. Without end-to-end observability into an environment, triaging an issue becomes a slow and arduous process. 

In this workshop, you will instrument an application with Datadog APM. Then you’ll use Distributed Tracing to identify issues with the application and improve the user experience. Once the application is functioning as expected, you will put measures in place to make sure you are alerted if latency increases above a threshold.


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    1. Introduction

    2. Known bugs

    1. Video Lesson

    2. Lab: Delivering High-Quality Software with APM and Distributed Tracing

    3. Feedback

    1. Further Reading

    2. Slides

About this workshop

  • 2 hours of video content
  • Estimated length: 3 hours