Introduction to Application Performance Monitoring

Datadog Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provides a variety of features to  monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize end-to-end application performance. Modern applications are distributed systems composed of numerous services that handle high volumes of requests to the application. Oftentimes, multiple services are involved in handling a request, and when a request fails or is handled poorly, it’s difficult to pinpoint the root cause. Distributed tracing is a method used to track how a request is handled by a distributed system.

This course presents an introduction to distributed tracing and APM in Datadog. In the course, you will instrument an app for Datadog APM and explore the Traces Search, Live Search, Trace View, Services List, Service Page, Resource Page, Service Map, App Analytics, and APM Monitors features.

Estimated Course Length: 2 Hours

NOTE: The new version of this course can be found here. This version will no longer be available after 2/11/2022. If you have saved the link to this course, please update the link to